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House Renovation

This enchanting home harmoniously blends the timeless elegance of its original structure with tasteful modern architecture. The renovation carefully preserved the classic facade, with its stately symmetry and period features like ornate window frames and traditional stucco. Yet, step inside, and you are greeted by a contemporary haven that pays homage to sleek design and state-of-the-art amenities.

Apartment Complex

Full architectural services were provided for the construction of this contemporary two storey new build family home. Particular consideration was given to the orientation and position of the house on the elevated site to take full advantage of the nearby coastal views. Services included initial design, planning, tendering, project management, snagging and handover. The dwelling comfortably achieved an A2 energy rating.

Harborview Homes

Harborview Homes evokes an image of tranquil living, nestled along the edge of a shimmering waterfront. This residential development is designed with the essence of serenity in mind, offering residents unparalleled views of a harbor, lake, or river. Each home within Harborview Homes is thoughtfully positioned to maximize the breathtaking vistas and natural light, creating a seamless blend between indoor comfort and the beauty of the outdoor environment.

Cedar Haven House

Cedar Haven House embodies a sanctuary of tranquility and comfort, echoing the serene embrace of nature. It stands as an epitome of architectural grace, where every detail reflects a deep connection to the earthy, robust character of cedar wood. This abode is not just built among the majestic cedar trees or with cedar materials; it is a testament to living harmoniously with the natural world.

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